OK well the brief hiatus was sincerely not my fault, although I suppose … it was. As previously stated, I started a new job in a lovley bumping advertising agency in the city. I am just settling in and am truly exhausted when I get home, go for my run with my pup, call the boyfriend, call my mum, shower and then before I know it I’ve landed in bed without a thing to eat. Therefore I am trying to find time to eat over blogging. Here is a glimpse of what I wore to brunch with my mum today. I will be spending the weekend with her, today we are hanging out at my apartment, going for brunch, then heading back north to have dinner and a movie date!
Happy Weekending Bunnies.

DRESS: Vintage – 80’s, from my grandmothers travels through Ecuador.
SUNGLASSES: Marc Jacobs { my go-to glasses if you hadn’t noticed }
SHOES: The Gap