Today has been one of those days where you can feel it whilst laying in bed ; its “just going to be a blah of a day”. Not good, not bad. Just a mindless day. I am very fortunate to work in an environment that is never boring, so in fact, I am always stimulated by something fascinating, it’s just I seemed to roll around my bed a lot last night, and woke up an hour earlier than my alarm and proceeded to get ready for work to come to realize at 8:00 AM that I had an hour to spare. I suppose the rolling around in my bed was in part due to my running around the city last evening with my good friend Jared. Jared and I took advantage of the FREE METRIC CONCERT hosted by Samsung Mobile last night at Union Station in our city. Toronto. Below is my documentation of such an evening. Although, you’d never know I was actually at the concert – for there were so many sweaty people – I stayed clear of even trying to get a good shot of the band. The music was all I needed.
Above is where I live. It is also where most of my photo’s are taken (whatiwore). I could never live any other place – it is perfection. It is home. Home is where I will be tonight, vegging for I am exhausted and feel as though I have yet to take a second of time to myself. Although, I do have plans … we’ll see.