And so it is time, to say our good-bye’s … until next year, sweet summer. I will be counting down the days. [FYI Christmas is in FOUR months].

I think the only regular person I blog about is my dearest Jared, my photographer buddy. I blog about him more than anything else these days. I can’t help it – he is just so talented!
Below are some shots he took whilst me not paying attention on our adventure to the island a week or so ago.
Although Summer is almost over I look forward to posting A/W shots of fashion. My S/S fashion is very boho/vintage but my A/W is a mix of classic vintage. Also I own hundreds of boots. I can not wait to show them off. Hope you enjoy you weekend, this week has been so insane I can not believe it is Thursday. Tonight [on my agenda] I will be hanging with the GENYTO crowd at London Tap House, if you’re going, come say HI!