“love of mine, someday you will die, but I’ll be close behind … I’ll fallow you, into the dark.” {death cab : I’ll fallow you into the dark}
Just a simple day, him & I.
He is a great photographer … well he should be anyway – he graduated in design! {architecture, so technically not photography, but we all dabble a little here, and there}.
We had a fantastic day, spending our “anniversary” together. We didn’t do anything extraordinary. Simply, we spent it doing the everyday things we love and seem to take for granted.
10:00am – woke up, snuggled.
11:00am – quick shoot on route to frans
11:20am – eating eggs benedict, earl grey tea & coffee {oye, again! … I had spinach with mine to try and convince myself it was a healthier option}
12:20pm – headed to the mall to wander & window shop
2:45pm – cried in Indigo Books over VOUGE PARIS COLLECTIONS A/W 2011 issue. A mere $44.95 !! so I purchased the new I-D mag instead
3:00pm – in theatre with boyfriend to watch Despicable Me
5:00pm – headed to our favourite restaurant in Toronto, our go-to littleholeinthewall … Little India on Queen West
6:30pm – took rudiger on a walk
7:00pm – played Wii sports until 10:00pm =)
Below are some shots of our day & of course, what I wore.

DRESS: H&M Garden Collection
NECKLACES: {OBSESSED} Vintage, Watch Fob-esq chain, given to my mother from my uncle when she was younger. Second, Club Monaco monocle, my favourite S/S piece.
BELT: Vintage, my grandmothers from the 1960’s
SHOES: The Gap {only flip-flops I’ll ever love}
BAG: Boho Sabina – best purchase ever & well worth all the money I saved