This past weekend was jam packed with things to do, fall is around the corner [literally]. Parties, weddings, & events are coming to an end and my weekends from now until Christmas are packed!
The boyfriend and I spent some quality time with one another [and our families] this past weekend. We have the most hectic schedules and see one another once a week [as it seems, for now]. Our “extra” activities have taken up as much free time as we have to give. From volunteering to coaching, we are booked solid. Luckily five years of being together has proven we work best when busy.
Boyfriend rewarded me with a surprise photo shoot session. He is a wonderful photographer, and really only likes to take photo’s when it is his idea … [luckily for him, I sorta made it seem so].
So here is a preview of our photo shoot, I am in the process of switching over from wordpress to a domain (and with that comes more bandwith)… until then I will link my flikr account so you can view our romantic alice is no longer in wonderland photo shoot.
My grandparents are Scottish. They hail [hail lol] from Edinburgh, Scotland. My gran is a city girl, and my papa grew up on the shores. They are complete opposite, and to this day, it is magical. My papa worked on the airplanes during WWII, and my gran worked at the city paper. On weekends my gran would visit the port and see my papa, this was when they were courting. During the war my gran attended many [many] dances. She was an unbelievable dancer, she was classically trained in ballroom, and to this day, hums the tune from the big bands whom played on magical summer evenings in Scotland.
This dress was hers. It is my most prized possession.
I have a strong history with most of my vintage dress collection [I have over 50+ formal dress wear]. I like to imagine what the dresses saw, what they represent. A first kiss, a proposal, a wedding, a baby, a magical night. A dress, on its own, represents an occasion … and my dresses represent many.
DRESS: Vintage
SHOES: Vivienne Westwood
Photo’s taken by my love. My boyfriend. [Thanks babe].