I had a wonderful long weekend, although that is depending on who you ask. I made a lot of plans, with a lot of different people – I am a busy girl – I like to stay active and never really schedule time to relax. It’s just not in my nature, I don’t need it, but I know my friends do, so I book back-to-back sessions with my friends, one  right after the other … usually anyway.
Only this weekend took on a different approach – I was completely low-key. It was Caribana in the city, so, naturally, I fled.  I drove up north to catch a film with friends at the drive-in-theatre.
And of course I brought along my camera, for if you can’t already tell – rarely do I venture and not bring it out with me. I try to avoid the “shit! I forgot my camera” moments – that still happen more frequently than I’d like. [*side note: these moments are not nearly as bad as the “shit! I forgot my battery pack” moments]. These photo’s turned out quite lovely, the first, was a happy mistake – 30 second shutter speed – the second was a wandering moment with my best friends kid sister.

We saw Despicable Me [yes again!], and … oh God, Charlie St. Cloud. NOTE* by far one of the worst movies I have ever seen. That is all I can say about it.
Saturday I work up relatively early to get my butt kicked at the gym by one of my best guy friends, this guy is ripped – so naturally I begged him to go easy on me – I  told him I am an elliptical girl – or stair master, I do not venture over to the dark side of weights and machines. Approximately thirty minutes into my cardio I was whisked away to the dark side of the moon.
Working out turned into a two hour pain endurance session followed by a stop to the Portuguese bakery for some freshly made treats { obviously we purchased the fattiest treats, what’s the point in working out and burning all those calories if you aren’t going to give them back to your body? }. Next, was tanning and laying poolside whilst listening to conversations about marriage and love.
Sunday was spent with the boyfriend and his family who have just come home from Europe. They traveled to Spain and Portugal and brought me back the bangles { photo below } and a lovely hand painted tea-pot { I have the craziest obsession with vintage tea sets, and vintage vanity chairs FYI }. Strange. I know.
The photos below were taken on a mer road trip with my mum on Monday – we live in the country – so this was not far from our home. We are surrounded by lush spaces, horses and farms. I couldn’t ask for a better place to retreat to on the weekends. Oh, and breakfast is always made for me every weekend, I happily walk downstairs to my mum buzzing away making me treats!

SHORTS: Vintage sailor – from the 60’s. I wish I had a good shot from the front, mental note for next time.
SHOES: GAP flip flops, I own 100+ pairs of pumps, I swear come fall this section will become more inspiring!