Today is a unique style of a day, Enbridge gas posted a notice on my door regretting to inform x______ that they have suspended their account, only … it wasn’t MY account, and it is MY gas, but not MY name … “huh?”, well its all sorted, and although I wont have gas until Monday I decided to do something a little different and post my daily outfit.
Jessica Schroeder is a blogger from New York, USA. She is, without a doubt, {if not already}, on her way, to the top of the world. Her blog is What I Wore and it is here you can see her posts of {sometimes multiple} daily outfit changes! Jessica is among fifty or so talented fashion bloggers I follow, and uniquely enough, she is my first “ode to the fashion blogger”.
It is her who inspired me to start my own sense of fashion{esq} blog, and here I will post weekly style images of what I wore.
DRESS: Vintage 60’s, pink {at first glance leopard print dress, but its actually flowers}. Found at my favourite little spot in Toronto.
NECKLACE: Club Monaco, current S/S collection in stores now.
BELT: Vintage, brown leather with safari animals. My current favourite.
SUNGLASSES: Marc Jacobs, S/S two-thousand & eight collection. My all time favourite pair that I own.
EARRINGS: Mixed matched pair, one studded heart, and one tear drop pearl.
SHOES: Sandals, The Gap, from a few years ago!