Last night I attended a really fab event hosted by @photojunkie & @casiestewart. The event was called GEN Y TO, a place for fellow twitter-media-crazed-PR-HR-AD geeks to get together and see if they can actually carry a conversation over 140 characters long. Although I never got a chance to chat to everyone, I did manage to meet some amazing people, and of course, have an amazing evening.
I decided to not check my blackberry whilst attending the event, you know, kinda stick it to the [twitter] man and see if I can hold out. Even though all these people attending the event are tech enthusiasts it was [endearing?] to see how people would be having a conversation with someone, while not looking at them, buried deep into their iPHONE.
I, instead, took a different approach. I brought my pink moleskine, orange sharpie and got to work on getting me some TWITTERGRAPHS*.
Now, you may of thought it was lame, seeing as I could of pulled out my blackberry and simply added them [you] right then and there, but not only did I manage to break the ice, I managed to meet the people I set out to, who I find extremely interesting, talented and down right hilarious.
Watch out, maybe next time I’ll be asking you for your TWITTERGRAPH*.
Below are a few of the people I was dying to meet, people who inspire me, and people I met who made my evening.
Have a beautiful sun-filled weekend bunnies.
[I’ve created a noun peeps lol] TWITTERGRAPH* noun ; a sub-like autograph in the form of their handle taken from someone from the twitterverse to whom you met in person.
click on any of these names to follow these fabulous people via twitter. @amazerall @michaelnus @lisanish @clickflickca@joelreilly @jgrdnr @nickhiotis@jennastothers@mariaaguilar @canadian88 @ionlyliveonce @randeepk & @hawleydunbar @atubanos @40deuce @karmacakedotca @summer_luu & @sidewalkhustle