Late last week I did the ultimate switch. From Blackberry to iPHONE. Now, you could be reading this and care less, you probably care less about half the stuff I ramble on about, but like the rest of it, this matters … to me at least.

I was THE biggest Blackberry enthusiast. I would literally get into fights [once, almost, a brawl], over how stupid the iPHONE is/was and how Blackberry is the practical every-day-organization solution. To me, the iPHONE was targeted for the ADD crowd who needed to fidget with buttons constantly, and play – all day.

I don’t know what made me switch, I held onto my Blackberry for the longest time because of my blackberry-messenger, but a switch was turned [probably due to all the pressure I get at work, working at a design company carrying a Blackberry gives you a bad reputation apparently], and now, I find myself the owner of an iPHONE.

I don’t hate it. I don’t love it either … it is said, it will take me time to adjust. I am waiting.

The iPHONE has, though, made me less dependent on technology. I no longer find myself checking twitter – because I turned off my notifications … accidently lol. So thus, the paper tweet will come in handy. [ Here is @lisanish ‘s tweet in response to @nickhiotis : paper tweets were purchased by Lisa on her recent trip to Boston].

This long weekend started off rough, I had the worst allergies I have ever had, making me miserable. Saturday was filled with vintage shopping and thrifting, some amazing finds, I-can-not-wait to share them. Sunday spent with friends and Monday with the boyfriend and pup. Hope you all had a relaxing long weekend, now get back to work!!

Thursday’s post will be epic. You are warned. =)

TOP: Jacob & Co stripped long-sleeve
SHOES: See by Chloe
Rudsak [montreal company] 2009 black carry-all