There is a place, not to far from the city, where I retreat each and every Saturday to Sunday. During the week I am a full-blown-city-slicker. On the weekends, I bring the city to the country.

country bumpkin

My Ma lives up north a bit, [not far at all, forty minutes give or take], and it is here where I seem to find the sunlight. It was a strange day Saturday. Not in any particular strange Saturday fashion, just all around strange. It could have had to do with the fact I may have been high on allergy medication, the weather [downpour than sunlight], or maybe that it was the first Saturday I actually had to myself, in about six months.

fencing the country

I ventured off onto dirt roads with my camera in tote. I didn’t have a particular plan. Earlier  that day I thrifted and stumbled upon this amazing italian cotton men’s dress shirt. It was cheap enough, but besides the quality, the pattern stood out to me like a unicorn. I fell for it immediately. [incase you hadn’t noticed, I fall in love with everything]. I picked up this red paisley mens dress shirt and a silk french five button-up floral shirt. Complete opposites of one another, but representing me perfectly.

Friday is a pretty big day for me. I am co-shooting a wedding with Jared, we are heading up north [way up north] for the festivities and will, obviously, report back on our success. NEITHER of us have ever shot a wedding before, but we both have shot everything else under the sun, so really, how hard can a wedding be, right? It’s not like people do this for a profession …. lol.

We are scared shitless. Please wish us well.

Also, Miss Tricia Kraus tweeted this little article about a man in NYC who asks his patrons to draw him a panting whilst on their journey in his cab [a clipboard is attached to the back of the passenger seat in his cab]. To date he has accumulated over 30,000 paintings. I think this is miraculous and such an inspiration. I hope one day to be lucky enough to leave behind a fashion illustration of mine. Click here to read more about this fascinating man.

TOP: Thrifted
JEANS: BCBG Cigarette Skinny Jeans
BOOTS: My ma’s old cowboy boots from the 80’s
Club Monaco Monocle  S/S ’10 Collection

happy weekending bunnies.