Hey Bunnies,

Just wanted to take a moment to fill you all in on a little secret buzzing around the office. There is a great team over at The Art House Coop who have created an amazing guerilla style art project.

Essentially they want ANYONE and EVERYONE to purchase a Moleskin Sketchbook from their site, along with a topic, and a barcode (for reference). The objective is to sketch around that topic. The idea is to collect thousands of sketchbooks to put on display at traveling museums across North America. People who come to view the traveling museum can also check “out” your book like a Library [remember those kids? lol], the point is to sketch around the subject and show your interpretation of the things that influence you on a daily basis. One quick note, unfortunately for the gang and I, Toronto is not on the list of places [yet … I am currently writing a letter to the AGO, doing what I do best, persuade lol]. So the only way we will ever see our books is if we travel Brooklyn, where the sketchbooks will live after the tour is over.

Click here for more info, I really encourage you to participate!!

Above are some of the amazingly-faboosh works of art displayed on the website, these are NOT the standard, anything goes, simple to complicated. Even if you’re not an artist I really encourage you to at least give it a try – this is a time to be apart of history.