I am currently obsessed with Marina & The Diamonds ; she is FABULOUS! I have been listening to the same five songs over and over again at work. Good thing the control over the office speakers was taken away from me … I have a feeling people here wouldn’t be so impressed with my OCD listening choices.

I have had a few comments that suggest I write less about myself and post more darn fashion related posts//photos.

OK!  Say no more, I will do as you say. Better yet, I am thinking I will venture and possibly host some collaborations with my fellow fasionista friends and fellow bloggers. I am also going to take a turn at taking random street set photos of passer-buyers whom I find fashion savvy. Sound good? …. thats what I thought.

[RANDOM note:: ] The guys at the advertising agency I work at wrangled me into [ somehow? ] playing floor hockey with them, apparently they needed girls, so of course, I wasn’t going to do it alone. I signed my other three girlfriends up!! Naturally.

On a fashion note, L’OREAL//TORONTO FASHION WEEK is OCTOBER 18th – 23rd :: there website is still set for F/W season, they are so disorganized it is insane. I acquire tickets each year, and this year I am using a press pass, but even when I was sent the original information for the venue, it was wrong. Insider secret has it that OCT 1 tickets to the general public will go on sale. So I will keep you posted.

@lisanish & I are tackling a shoe extravaganza sale in which I posted a SAMPLE SALE blog post informing you all of the great [ & now not so secret ] sample sales that Toronto houses. It is not too late, a few of the best are just around the corner.

SWEATER: ARITZIA’s own TNA Cashmere [I know right?]
TANK: Wilfred floral pattern
Grey Vintage Knee High [found in Kensington Market a few years ago]