HA! Nothing like a bold statement like that to wake you up on this beautifully gorgeous fall day!!

Yessssss I am aware I fell of the face of the earth, no worries though, this weekend may just be the best weekend for weather the world has ever seen, the trees are gorgeous up north, and come Saturday afternoon I will be dressed to the nine’s snapping some incredible photo’s. This I promise you.

This post is un-related to me, (imagine?) and has everything to do with the wonderful Cynthia Rowley. Besides being an innovator of fashion. She is also, like many celebrity fashion designer esq types, plugging her name to a different brand … this brand however, unconventional.

Cynthia Rowley has teamed up with BAND-AID!!

I know this sounds ridiculously funny, but these band-aids are really quite adorable, affordable, and hold a giant purpose.

You see, I am a stickler for the Hello Kitty baind-aids because I figure, if you’re going to see it, it may as well be cute, a beige, half worn, ragged band-aid on the heel of your stiletto is not sexy ladies, so take a tip from me, or Cynthia!! Click here for more info, the box of these fab finds are only $10, you may think that is ridiculous for 20 Band-Aids but a regular beige box is $7.50, which would you rather sport?

I will let you know when my order comes in!! Eeeek!!