As with every other excuse comes a story … so how about this one.
If you know me, [outside of twitter] you know that I am consistently getting myself into trouble.  Not trouble with the law, [although I suppose it has happened] but more life lessons-kinda-trouble. These lessons have included many many things, one of which also doubled as a harsh reality check.

This reality check-of-a-lesson was a car accident I managed to mangle into to. Thank GOODNESS nobody was hurt [just my ego & my car ..]. In saying that … my ego and my car both currently hate me, one has gone to the dump [not my ego] and the other is on hiatus … probably laying on a beach in Maui, fucker.

Because of this accident it has put a ton of things into perspective for me, like “why the eff am I living in a city I no longer love?” or “why am I paying to live somewhere when I could move and save” or “is this really where I want to be in life” … [you know] those types of perspectives.

With these questions came answers, answers that [like most of the time] I drive head first into. [*please note: being impulsive, to me, is a good thing. I am not one to sit wishing, and hoping for shit to happen, I do everything, and I mean everything humanly possible to get the shit I want done, and done right]. So when I say I made the decision to buy a new car and on a whim I mean I did buy a new car on whim, then signed a contract, only to realize it wasn’t the best idea for the dollar, so I called the dealership, plead insanity and got out of the deal. [Only to head on over to another dealership that offered me a better car, for a better price, for a better everything!!].

Among the crazy that is my life I have noticed a trend in my evenings, fashion, fashion, and more fashion. You’d think I’d be dead … but no, I am very much living a high. The Women’s Post fashion event for Women of Baycrest was last Thursday, and my dear friends were truly amazing and inspiring at the job they did organizing this fantastic venture. I can honestly say they took my breath away.

I wore a 1960’s GO-GO dancer razor back hand sewn silver sequin dress, it fit like a glove, and everyone wanted to put there paws on it. I looked fabulous, and felt great, which was a huge plus because not only was the venture amazing, but the attendee’s were amazing as well, and I was lucky enough to be introduced to the majority, such a pleasure!!

Besides being downtown, my weekends are still spent up north, the horrible rainy weekends have deterred me from shedding my layers in a field for a few photo’s so I apologize, this weekend, however, will be full. So keep checking back!!

P.S the “KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT” is to encourage me to fight through this cold I seem to of JUST come down with, instead of crawling into a hole and dying …

JACKET: Danier Sweetheart
SHIRT: Rachel Roy
JEANS: Lucky
BOOTS: UGGS [I didn’t know I’d be taking photo’s this day …]
SCARF: Love Quotes