some amazing news came into my inbox yesterday afternoon.

whilst at lunch, I received an email saying my fashion blog, right here, was chosen as one of Sympatico’s top 15 Canadian Fashion Blogs. You can read the article here – and I highly suggest lurking through the news, style, & tips has to offer – they really are quit insightful.

The posting they have up now features a brief description of each blogger and what they have to offer you! I am in a category with girls who I truly admire. I am in awe to be in a category with these wonderfully, amazingly talented ladies [@daniellemeder @DejanaBajic@louise_turner @JakandJilBlog @geekigirl @ahautemess@KDfaustino @girlsofto @popchampagneblg @textstyles]

here is what has to say about Kendall Donaldson

Kendall Donaldson gives fashion an artistic view with her fashion blog. She showcases her vintage finds – many pieces which have come from her grandmother, and displays them in a look-book format. She gives a quick story behind her outfits, which makes the blog much more personal. For a personal edge behind a great look-book, check out Kendall Donaldson for some very unique styles

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank people for reading. I know it may not seem like a lot, but fashion is honestly my heart, and this blog [although at times diary-esque] really really means a lot to me too … but not as much as you.

HUGE thanks to for considering me as one of Canada’s Top 15 Fashion Bloggers [AHH! insane!!]