My favorite christmas carol is “O Holy Night”. There are many (and obviously you know, many mean many in this case) versions of the song, all in which I love. I adore most versions that allow me to belt at the top of my lungs, in my car, the most. Just a random FYI.


Tis the season now. Christmas lights are up, the tree (half way decorated … MOM!!), my ma’s lovely home is dog-safe-equipped [which technically means sparse in terms of decorations this year] … or until this weekend when I forcefully rummage through the basement to find the things she has hidden to keep away from our pups. Presents are all [er, still unwrapped] under my bed *shhh, and I have almost, almost finished purchasing gifts.

The only person I am missing is my boyfriend. shit.

I have been spending my nights all over the place – hence the lack of updates and random postings. I am living in three places at once. [talented, yes I know]. From my Ma’s place up north, to my empty-blow-up-bed-esq apartment in the heart of the city, to my boyfriends – er … pad. I lug a polka-dot canvas traveller with me where ever I go. Inside you will find hair product, make-up, elastic bands (although I always wear my hair down), a comb (I also never brush my hair), undies, fuzzy warm socks, and clothes for the up-coming week.

I would complain that it is exhausting, but really it is more of a fun vacation. Whenever I get sick of a place I can choose where  to sleep that night, be it alone – in a cold, empty apartment with sappy love movies, at my ma’s with warm home cooked [fattening] food, or with my boyfriend, flannel sheets, 1000 DVD choices, and crumbs in the bed.

These photo’s are taken up at my ma’s. As you can see winter is in full swing up there … which is only 45 minutes outside of the city. I love dirt roads with my whole heart, they always make for the best photos. Surprisingly I never took photo’s in the lane for the summer …

The outfit was inspired by a recent post I saw on I wish I could bring it up to show you, but I can’t find it for the life of me, and forgot to save it to my favorites list. This guy was wearing essentially, the exact same outfit only pants, and a black dress shirt with a stripped tie. He looked so sharp. I loved how the red in the plaid just popped for the camera.

I wouldn’t consider myself a newbie when it comes to camera’s. I have three, that range from SLR Nikons to my little pocket point-and-shoot, however, I have always fully relied on my camera timer & my tri-pod to get me through the self-shooting sessions I do. UNTIL I discovered the cordless remote … I am in heaven … as you can see below. I can literally control everything with this sucker. It comes with a price – but please, PLEASE, do not waste your time like I did.


COAT : vintage mink coat – my grans
TOP : sleeveless black silk ruffle top – club monaco
SKIRT : traditional scottish wool skirt & pin [from when I was fourteen or so]
BOOTS : ralph lauren military spikes
JEWELRY : tiffany&co