I left my heart to the wild hunt a-comin
I live until the call
And I plan to be forgotten when I’m gone
Yes I’ll be leavin’ in the fall


I am currently obsessed with The Tallest Man On Earth. If you hadn’t heard of him before [which I just assume] then please check out this hot Sweed. I am in love with the old folk sound with modern lyrics & tempo … le sigh … dreamy.
Onto topics of interest … HAPPY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I had the best of times with family & friends, and I truly made the most of it. I am so happy the place  that I work acknowledges what one more day can do ; they gave us today off, to recover, from our holidays!

I broke into some property UofT has up around where my ma lives. It is a conservation area … and it looked … well … conserved enough to have a quick shoot!
The contrast and colours were just amazing with what I was wearing … I am very pleased. Mostly because the boyfriend bought me a new lens and this was my first time using it!!

However, upon arrival to said destination … it was a hike & a half in my Ralph Lauren booties … and the terrain was rather, urg … un stable. I spent the majority of the time laying on layers of tall dead grass because I could barely stand without holding onto something! – but how could you even tell? right? lol.
I am also stunned by the massive weather change we are experiencing! I will have you know that on Christmas day we did indeed have snow … but slowly over the last week we have come to a springing halt! I sported my leather bomber all week & even rocked a pair of flats yesterday!!
Today was a bit chilly, but gorgeous outside. I hope you all managed to spend time with loved ones this holiday. May twenty eleven be the most amazing year for us all, & may it be the beginning to our biggest dreams.
TOP: F21
NECKLACE: Monocole – Club Monaco S/S 1o
SCARF: VINTAGE Cheetah Print – 69 Vintage Queen ST