this post is un-related to fashion. but not entirely.
I doubt you know who Vivian Maier is, I doubt it, because up until a few hours ago, I too – had no idea.
Like a lot of things in life, we learn as we grow.
Who people are, what they do, how they act, what they like, dislike, loathe etc.

But this woman, this Vivine Maier of France. Well she was a woman nobody ever really knew.

I urge you to watch the below video, if nothing but to see the true beauty this woman saw around her – as a photographer I am at a loss of words, how could someone capture such a colourful life, and share her talents with no one?? [incase you need further convincing, Vivian died at age 83, her talents unknown, a young man bought a bin full of negatives at an open auction and acquired 3,000+ images, since then he has traced everyone he can who either bought, or knew things of Vivian – this is his discovery].

here are some other photos that I found on the blog dedicated to her discovery.

Take a moment to really look at what you are seeing, the moment, the part where the subject sees Vivian taking the photo, and allows it. They are magical moments in time. Forever.
** All images were  found on please visit for more stunningly beautiful photographic images!! enjoy the amazingness!!