I have never had the urge to live in New York City. Period.

My grandparents are from the U.K and I am lucky to of traveled the world at sixteen [and a few times since], to know that there is more excitement [for me] that lay in Europe than in the good ol’ U.S of A. Now I am not minimizing the dreams of others – I understand full well the pull people have to NYC’s bright lights – but those lights have never spelt out my name …. until now.

I was very, VERY lucky to get a ticket to the Evolving Influence Fashion Blogger Conference held February 10th & 11th at MILK STUDIOS in Chelsea. Once sorted, it took no time for me to book off time from work and start researching like mad, to find my hotel & flight options. 10 minutes later I found myself in a whirlwind of happiness, and this excitement managed to radiate via telephone and wrangle in two of my friends to join me in NYC for a few days. There are no words.

So of course, naturally, I am loosing my mind. I have no idea which shows I am seeing or what I will be doing whilst there [other than the two day conference, and shopping], but let me tell you, I am sneaking into whatever I have to – and I happen to know a few people who will be there, and maybe even a few more who will be joining me. This is literally the time of my life.

I am so excited to of been given this opportunity to learn and grow, the conference will focus on how to achieve a better understanding on running a blog [because, er, I am definitely no expert] – as well as allow me to properly creep people in person, for I have been following some of these people for the last six years. Bloggers from all over the country will be there, and the keynote speaker is royalty. [I will post details this weekend]*

SHHHHH* ALSO I must tell you I am so excited to be collaborating with a wonderfully beautifully talented plum & her jewelry line – but again, more details to come!! That’s all for now!! AH!!

1950’s vintage red rabbit cuffed coat – no tags – [was my grandmothers friend Emily’s, given to me when she passed]
BOOTS: Over-the-knee Jeffrey Campbell
GLOVES: Rudsak