I feel as though I write the same sentences over & over …

“this was my grans, my ma’s, thrifted, vintage …”
“look what I found in our basement today …”

these sentences make me feel as though I paint the picture that my ma’s place is the next stop on A&E’s hit show HOARDERS.
– I assure you, it’s not. lol.

Again, today, I found 100 maps from National Geographic in a box ranging from the 1950’s to the mid 1990’s. The maps you see include maps of Egypt, England, Ethiopia, Africa, the U.S of A, and millions of provincial ones, but it is safe to say my gran collected every map ever published – she also would purchase a map wherever she went as a cheap souvenir.

The most prized one I came across today would be the New York City map from 1952 that reads on the front – Now In FULL Color [wow!] I cannot wait to be standing RIGHT THERE on BROADWAY!!

So I took advantage of the fact that I found these maps, and knew I had to incorporate them into my post for today –  so I spread them on a portion of my bedroom floor and romped around.

The hat, coincidently, was also found today in my ma’s closet. Bless her good taste in the 80’s.

EARRINGS: Grizzly Streamer Feather Earrings from the AH-MAZ-ING Geneva :: her store – birdcrap
NECKLACE: Tiffany&Co :: Frank Gehry Collection 2008 c/o my amazing boyfriend
My Grandmas :: Stirling Silver 1950’s Bangle from her travels
Missoni inspired crochet shirt :: F21 [surprisingly] 
Aritzia – J-BRAND