rag & bones.

Oh my gawd!  THE day before I leave has finally arrived, and I have yet to even be home to finish packing. I spent the last evening at the boyfriends – and tonight is my going to be a night of champions!
This past weekend was horrible for weather, it was gloomy and dark, so no outfit postings were taken – I did however take a wildly successful photo-shoot with a friend – for his own portfolio – details to post sooner than later [ I hope ] … er.

Above is my rough itinerary of what I will be doing in New York City. I say rough, because there are three shows and the Particia Feild event going on that are not on the calendar because I did this before I found out about them. ANYWAY – all of my favorite bloggers will be at the bloglovin awards show, so here is hoping I run into a few in the next couple of days – for these people inspire more than any celebrity … besides Nicole Richie, of course. I say that because I have always been a huge fan of hers. Through all the ups and downs, through life and in the fashion world, she has made a name sake for herself, and I absolutely love what has become of it. I was invited to attend a VIP event where I will be interviewing Nicole about her S/S collection as well as the simple things in her life! All the details will be on www.nrichienews.com. So stay tuned!

My goal is to blog whislt sitting in my hotel room at night … but lets be honest … happiest fashion week everyone & remember you can live stream shows at home!