[this is my second attempt at this post, wireless fail!]

The Conference was everything and more. It was amazing, Jennine Tamm did such an amazing job with the conference, I was blown away with the speakers, the information I walked away with, and the people I met along the way. The girls [and few guys] who attended the conference were amazingly beautiful, and the talent within that room was astounding. Click on view more  for a collage of photo’s from my whirlwind experience!!

I met a lot of amazing people who I will be friends with for ever [cheese I know], I urge you to check out the amazing talent within the above photo – here are their twitter handles, which will lead you to their blog. StyleWthinReach sparklingsteps TheLevisGirl cpetric stylescrapbook lekisskiss jrochamisfit!

We pretty much made a pact that we are a family, who are going to help one another out, and our only goal, is to take over the fashion blogosphere.