In the religion of the insecure
I must be myself, respect my youth

I cant stop listening to GAGA’s born this way

Somehow I managed to hop a fence, scrape my knee, and land in an old drive-in theatre located [once again], not to far from my mum’s place. Although the weather outside looked wonderful, I assure you I was freezing, [If I had balls, the line freezing my balls off would apply] it was anything but.

I had not a chance in hell to survive – it was so cold, and although I looked relaxed, in most of these shots I am clenching my teeth so tight not even paying attention to the fact that I am the one with the camera! It didn’t take me long to wonder the property and find the creepiest play ground [which I remember playing in pre-movie] … all of the swings and items were removed for the winter – but the steel slide would be difficult to harbor. My guess anyway.

On a completely side note I have purchased some wonderful things online the last couple of weeks, thank goodness NYC left me with a ton of extra change [did I mention shopping there was awful? well not awful, awful … but it felt like a giant sale rack … and we all know how much I love to sort through clothing to find a gem … not my speciality] so I gave up. This left me with a burning desire to look else where for the perfect satin shoe [FOUND IT!]

I feel as though I look like a six year old in the photo below. lol. I only am posting it because I am certain my mum will love it lol. HI mum!
Besides the obvious nothing is really new with me – I have a lot to shoot this weekend, on top of pottery, go-karting, birthday surprises, volunteering and spending time with my now not-so-sick boyfriend!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend – keep your heads held high plums! At least that’s what I am telling myself every day until I find what I am looking for!


SCARF: rudsak
VEST: rabbit fur ; rudsak
TOP: stripped jacob