I will listen to Adele’s new album every day until the day I die. honestly. It is amazing.

My last post just highlights one thing ; a lot of who you are comes from where you’re from. never forget your past & the people { good & bad } who shaped where you are today.
These people include your family, friends, boyfriend, co-workers, mentors, frenimies, and enemies. honestly. They have had an effect on you, and its time we embrace it and take whatever it is we learned and apply it to life. This also [er, may or may not] apply to the clothing I am wearing.

So before you get on me about the skirt, it [once again] belonged to my Gran, who gave it to me a year ago – this is her baby. Purchased in Paris when visiting – the hand jewelled beauty is made of wool and is perfect for a stormy cold day. I just happen to be wearing it while the snow is finally melting.

This Alfred Sung top is also vintage, found at the best vintage shoppe one is to ever find [that closed down without warning] – this could possibly be the first vintage piece I ever bought – and its hideous. I have owned it for over 6 years and never had a chance to wear it because it is so unflattering – the “tie” you see – is a semi-quick-fix to a drapery of fabric that is cut wrong for the shirt originally – I just liked the way it felt at the time I  guess …


TOP: Vintage Silk : Alfred Sung
SKIRT: 1950’s Vintage : Tagless
TIGHTS: Club Monaco
EYE LINER: Bobby Brown