I am not one to promote anything on this blog, really. But I am urging you, we are in a place to give, that is WHY we are on this earth – I am sitting here telling you we are in a far better situation and can only IMAGINE if this happened to us, we would need love from every continent on our amazing earth.


Here’s the deal, head over to shelterbox and donate whatever you can – they will send a complete box full of supplies and an emergency kit to survive the next couple of days!

I am not going to tell you people are dying – you know that. I am going to tell you people are LIVING – life, breathing and fighting through it, because of donations, bloggers are uniting and taking a vow of silence on Friday March 18th, and I, along with some amazing people – am standing up for something truly devastating by taking away something that I do, daily … blog, tweet, facebook.

If you wish to join in, please visit Japan with Love or contact the amazing Lydia from Ever Ours with any questions.