but if I lack love then I am nothin’ at all ….
It is no lie that a ton of my posts are based around Lauryn Hill lyrics ; there is just something about that girl – the way she writes, the way she performs – she captivates an audience unlike any other.

This weekend was not particularly interesting – Friday night the boyfriend took me to this little place called Safari by his parents house for a late supper, it had some amazing food, and an even better wine selection. I ate a mixed green salad and drank away, later we found ourselves at an upscale pool hall [which happened to be located in Safari’s basement!] A couple of chats here and there lead to a free pool sesh [which I also won], and us heading back home to hang out and watch a film.

These photo’s were taken on Saturday at the golf green [even further north] than where my ma lives. My good friend Nina is a wedding coordinator at this course – it is stunning in the summer, but during its winter and abandoned months – there is something eerily beautiful about the place … Nina promised I get to shoot here in the summer months ; so I look forward to those shots!

If you noticed, I am also using the new fish eye lens I purchased in NYC. EPIC FAIL! Sigh … the clarity is horrible … and the distortion useless. Maybe if I used my 50MM? Sigh … trial and error ; right?


HAT: Vintage – found literally that day in my mums closet [consider it stolen mum]
Leather Bomber c/o Danier [when my apartment burnt down & I went to Danier to see if they could order me another the manager gave it to me out of pity – lol I’ll take it!]
BCBG Black Riding Trousers
RUDSAK leather