It shouldn’t come as a shock to you that I work in the design world … not the fashion side – but the advertising side … again, not that working here has really helped me in my fashion excursions, for I find myself working with a bunch of clients focusing on sporting goods [far from fashion forward].
However, after being chosen as one of the top fashion bloggers in Canada, somehow, I have ended up on the PR girl’s wish list and have been invited to several LG Fashion Week events. [For my Americans, LG Fashion week is the Toronto version of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week].

I have been very fortunate to of been invited to multiple shows the last two years, but this year with my birthday [eek! tomorrow] I have had a lot on my plate forcing me not to have  the chance to attend … however, I am – without a doubt – trekking myself to heritage square to visit Angela Chen [below], the designer behind these amazing pieces. All of these photo’s were sent to me from her PR girl Jakki over at Lotus Leaf ; of course I couldn’t help but jazz them up a bit and BAM! here are a few [sneak peek] looks from her A/W 11 collection.



beauty. pretty much just stunning. [yes that is angela].


Angela is receiving a ton of buzz in the blogeshphere, and it is my honor to celebrate my birthday watching her amazing pieces of art strut the runway ; call time is 2PM, check back for live tweets. love.

[ please note all photo’s were sent to me by Jakki. I did not take these photos, I did however edit & design the graphics for photos 2,3 & 4 – photo 1 came designed – any use of these edited photos are stricktly prohibited unless granted permission by me ]