DIY VINYL ; this is an amazing DIY that takes literally 30 seconds in the oven, I made my first bowl for my boyfriend and he loves it! ENJOY!

WHAT YOU NEED :: a vinyl, baking sheet, bowl, oven mitts.

Place the “snack bowl” upside down onto the baking sheet. Once placed, centre the vinyl with the foot of the bowl, the shape of the bowl will determine the shape of the vinyl.

250° F [or for my Americans 120° C] and 30 – 60 seconds in the oven. *DO NOT FORGET to use oven mitts when removing the baking sheet.

taadaaa! This is a great gift for the music lover in your life. I have since filled the hole in the middle and my boyfriend is using it for his keys and loose change. Each time I have done this the shape has changed slightly – you can also [instead of flipping the snack bowl upside down onto the baking sheet] leave it right side up and place the vinyl overtop with a can in the middle, and the vinyl will form to the inside of the bowl [rather than the outside as shown above].

* note : check the value of the vinyl before use … I later found out this is worth over $70 … oops!