I am sick, so excuse the lack of … er … everything.

I was so delighted to of been asked to attend the amazingly-talented OR by Angela Chen fashion show. I was asked, and of course, accepted [it was also my birthday]. So I took half a day off from work to attend Angela’s show and a couple of other shows later that afternoon. Below are some of shots snapped of me while attending, as well as some from my birthday courtesy of my iphone! Next post is on Angela! So stay tuned!

I was also lucky enough to be on FASHION magazine’s website and Sweetspot.ca‘s website under STREET STYLE.

[From left-to-right Theresa, Dani, Lauren, Ally, Me]

The ah-mazing Lisa drew this illustration for me for my birthday! [*blush] she has been featured on fusion of effects as well as carries her own blog! check her out here!

I had an amazing birthday, with wonderful friends [new & old] as well has the best boyfriend in the world showering me with gifts. I couldn’t of spent it with more amazingly talented people even if I wanted too. Love!