excuses excuses excuses … when will this girl learn?

Well. I started a new job you see – and among that I am also prepping to move back to the city to really kick it in gear as my [blog] and [corporate] life seem to be on the rise.
I will literally be at a ball tomorrow night – supporting all things Toronto, Fabulous and Fashion. Among that list should be Nerdy – [but it is just a juxtaposition list of words .. so I left it out …].

Nerdy because the event I am attending is at the Ontario Science Centre, and I pride myself as being somewhat of a nerd, [if I didn’t love Media and Fashion so much my dream would be to focus on Marine Biology], and as a kid, the Ontario Science Centre housed all things nerdy and cool – they still do – and want to continue to do so for future kids and parents [and fashionista’s] alike.

So off I go to the Innovators Ball tomorrow … I will post a picture, and then dive back into my blog posting bi-weekly.

Check out the video for the event below! Pretty snazzy … only I am in Cinderella’s shoes … I am not prepared with a dress … wish me luck!