For reasons unknown I can no longer write a blurb in between images. FINE wordpress – you win this round. I started my new job a few weeks ago and love it dearly – the fella’s I work with are amazing, they definitely give me a sense of urgency and the desire to explore my creativity. I am very happy to report. They also want to be apart of my blog – [what do YOU think?] want t see some young dapper men from the U.K and S.A on here? lol.

I am going through an insane transitional period in my life, new job, new apartment!! I am so excited but it has taken a ton out of me – so bare with me the next couple of weeks as I try to sort out the pile that is my life.

Also I was playing with the camera settings on my camera and forgot to change the white balance back to normal – whoops! over saturated –


SHIRT: Vintage – circa 1970 Disney classic
 Pleather American Apparel
JACKET: Rudsak Bomber
 Silver bangles from my Gran’s travels { world wide } Watch:Marc Jacobs, Watch: Vintage Rolex { my mums } 
Urban Outfitters