errrr … I mean Canadian. Obviously. Prep School meets the All American for the Bloggers Do It Better project!

It has rained eleven out of eighteen days. I hate the rain, I hate rain boots too, so if you are a rain boot wearer – beware … yes … even hunters. I only wear them when I absolutely have to, otherwise … I’m rocking heels, well … booties, but still.
I am so proud of Kristina over at Pretty Shiny Sparkly and her Bloggers Do It Better venture. It has really taken off, and proven to work in terms of networking and sending [and receiving] love.
This weeks challenge was Prep School ; but seeing as I am Canadian, and Prep School as well as American tailored-letter-jacket-esq look has never crossed the border, I really had to dig in my walk-in closet. Lucky for me, not to far was a recent find of electric blue high waisted trousers. God I love thrift finds.

I re-tweeted @shopdandy this week, she wrote Blogging is a community not a competition. Support each other, your blog will benefit from that. I truly believe that ; and I hope you [as a reader] do too. I have a small circle of blogging friends, most whom I met at New York Fashion Week, and these girls help me, test me, and teach me – even if they are far far away! I urge us [yes you and I us] to become blogging friends, and push one another.

HAT: Gap ’08
TOP: Marc Jacobs with White Cravat
SWEATER: Thrifted Red, White & Blue stripped jersey sweater [in the scariest place in Toronto] $2 find.
TROUSERS: Thrifted electric blue pant [they fit like they were made for me]
SHOES: Miu Miu [I can’t believe I didn’t take a decent picture – fack!]