I don’t “do” casual very well. There was a time you see. where I wrote in the “about me” section something along the lines of “you’ll never catch me in a graphic T” … oh how the times have changed. [well – er – not really].

This T is one of four I probably own. I bought it in Venice, Italy [ironic] that is it an [obvious] take on the I LOVE NY T.

Speaking of New York City [see how I just fit that in there, lol – there is no doubt, in your mind anyway – that this post and T were done hand-in-hand].
I am headed back to New York for Fashion Week come September. My boss, my amazing boss – has allowed me to leave mid week [again] to venture off to per-sue this very thing here – called blogging. This will be my second time in New York for Fashion Week, and I am as excited as one can be – but before you judge me, roll your eyes, and mutter “nice life” … let me tell you, this here life comes at few prices – and one of them happens to be hard-effing-work.

So much hard work in fact, some of the [truly ah-maz-ing] girls I met last season and myself are teaming up on a very special collaborative project for bloggers [details to come!]
This projet I so secretly unravel, happens to be a lot of work, a lot of organization, and a lot of witty-bantering-back-and-forth-whilst-at-work-via-email-HA! None the less, work.

And I promise you – this will pay off, and it will be fabulous


TOP: On My Travels in Italy
DENIM: Paige Denim Deep Burgundy Jeggings [here]
SHOES: Hunter Green Velevet Wedges – Nine West
BAG:  Melie Bianco – The Sienna  c/o High Gloss Fashion
ACCESSORIES: Bangles – Vintage | Raven Skull Ring – Moon Raven Design