So ladies and gents, I hope you are as excited as we are – we are thrilled to of come up with this amazing idea, and even more thrilled at the fantastic response we are getting from all-you-fashion-nuts!! I wanted to take a quick second and let you know who exactly is behind this idea and event. As a ton of you know, I was fortunate enough to be invited to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week last season. Whilst there I met some truly amazing girls, they have pushed me, supported me – and have ultimately become some of my closest friends. This idea started off as a one-liner email … and blossomed into scheduling, event planning, tailoring to a full blown sponsorship for all six of us.
So we decided to do something more, we wanted to create an event for bloggers – and we think we are pretty-close to perfecting the event just for you.
These girls are my daily inspiration for everything, so I definitely suggest you take a look at what they [fashionably] rant about.

marissa from the style cusp – her posts inspire my everyday wear – she is very classic with so much love to give, not to mention our common wine obsessions.
erika is the editor at style activist ; erika covers everything from events to her personal adventures through fashion, not to mention she is a workout fiend who has a rocking bod to show for it.
lynzy is from sparklingfootsteps ; lynz is a foodie, fashion, exercise junkie – she writes about her personal style and her upcoming nuptials.
christine is from view-from-5ft2 ; christine’s wardrobe is one I want to divulge myself in – I would steal it in a minute, classic lines with flowy pieces – I die.
caitlin is the editor of stylewithinreach  ; cait is the first person I met in NYC, she has her hands in a million-and-one jars, from being the editor of her own blog covering budget friendly designer wears to being a contributor on countless blogs.

I highly suggest you bookmark their blogs, and follow them on twitter if you don’t already. These girls are hilarious, they work hard and we plan to celebrate by playing hard during New York Fashion week.
For more info check out our website at and don’t forget to follow us on twitter @bloggernightout and check out our facebook page