SCARF: Vintage Silk, thrifted 
 Burnt Purple, Aritzia
Black and White Stripped – Artizia 
Highschool jeans, DIY Daisy Dukes – American Eagle 
c/o Cougar Boots – the legend – origional UGGS from 1980’s.

If you follow my blog, by now you clearly know I am a vintage-whore [the nice kind, of course]. This also means I wake up each morning and my outfit 100% dictates my attitude. Some days its vintage, others thrifted – from time-to-time corporate [hey! girl’s gotta work!], and Thursday’s are usually followed by designer-buys from Holts. In all – this country girl loves her city style – but from time-to-time, it’s really nice just to go visit my mum in the country, hick off my heels, and wear the best boots humanly possible.

The Pillow Boot from Cougar Boot is a legend. Literally, ask your mum right now – I bet you $100 she had a pair in the 1980’s, these puppies are made from the softest top grade leather, their red interior and caramel hyde are their signature mark – not to mention, the “hello-canadiana” it seems to scream! lol. I was so very fortunate to of been sent a pair, these babies will be God’s gift come October-through-to-March, – trenching through the woods with Rudiger {my pup}. I can’t say I’ll wear them to the office, but I do know my feet will thank me every 5k walk Rud I an endure. Thanks Cougar – now I know why hot 40-something-housewives are called Cougars, its from their Cougar Boot days. We’re brining the 80’s back. Officially.

In other news, NYC is in two days, I cannot wait to be reuinted with my loves, get some runway shows in, a broadway show, Fashion Night Out, Blogger’s Night Out, a visit to the Met, MOMA, and of course, the guggenheim – some shopping, dining – (wine really,) and then head back home after the most successful MBFW ever.

loads of love.