I adore The MAve Hotel, if you have followed this here blog for quite some time, you’d know I am not stranger to this boutique hotel. I was lucky enough to find this gem online last season for New York Fashion Week. If you know me personally {and now, virtually} you will know I google everything. This was no exception. I read, researched, called, hounded just to see what other people experienced while staying here. So again, if you know me, you would know I can have a conversation with a refrigerator, and conversation is very important to me. I read reviews up the wahzoo and found that the staff were said to be nothing short of amazing, and amazing they were the first time – and even more amazing the second time!! The rooms are cleaner than clean, personalized and modern. Every  fashionista’s dream. I made friends with the staff the first time around, so when it came to staying in New York City for this season, The MAve was my only choice – only – this time I wasn’t lugging just a 60LBS suitcase, I was brining five other girls with me. A little swagger, mixed with my sarcastically-charming-irresistible-wit and BAM! The six of us were booked at The MAve for five nights. They treated me like royalty, but it wasn’t just me, or the girls that stayed with me – it was everyone – the staff are exceptional – full of real recommendations [not paid recommendations! NYC hotels are usually paid to endorse] – they are honest, reliable, hilarious and have become more than just “staff” to me, they honestly have become my home-away-from-home. You can bet 100% in February I will be staying at The MAve NYC and you should too!
{ all photo’s of moi were taken by the fantasically amazing Christine Petric from The View from 5 ft 2 }

HAT: Jessica Simpson Floppy Wool Hat
TOP: W118 William Baker
BRA: Calvin Klein
SKIRT: Vintage Leather High Waisted
BOOTS: Black Leather Booties | c/o Sole Society