This post was fun to shoot, although rather time consuming due to the fact that I was suppose to be at my boyfriend’s parents place for dinner during this shoot … lol … priorities. This past weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canadaland, and like the rest of North America, we were blessed beyond belief with incredible weather. Although I am in light cotton trousers here, I sported daisy dukes every moment here after for I was so overwhelmed by the heat [horrible for someone just getting over the cold], I found myself spending my days casually catting with family and friends, and tossed in the odd nap here and there. Sunday my amazing family and I celebrated my mum’s birthday!! I wont say how old she is, she would kill me [HI MOM!] but we are continuing the celebrations this weekend as we are sneaking off to Jamaica for one week. During that week expect to see a guest post by KD from The Girl with the Messy Hair – a fellow Canadian and a girl who’s closet I would ravage in a heart beat and a love child I know you guys will adore.

HAT: Vintage | My Mum’s | Eaton’s Classic
Gold Wishbone | Baublebar
CUFF: Kora Diamond Brass | Cuff
 Leopard Button Down | Thrifted
 Polka Dot High Waisted | F21
BELT: Wilfred Black Leather Classic Skinny
 Ivette Berry Velvet Wedges | MIA Shoes | Gifted