SWEATER: Aztec Fringed | Thrifted Value Village Find 
Vintage Yellow Stripped Blouse | Alfred Sung 
 Plaid Wool | Purchased in Rome
Brown Leather | Michael Kors
Gold Double Edged Arrows | gifted CC Skye
 Gold Balls | Tiffany & Co.
LIPSTICK: Mac Cosmetics | Sin

I had an entirely different outfit planned for this post, in fact – I had an entirely different country as the background OF my post! As most of you know, I was jet-set and off to Jamaica last week for my mama’s birthday and just a little breather from the every-day-whirlwind. Once landed back in Toronto – I soon sunk into my bed and had a blissful sleep whilst having the window cracked and the autumn air surrounding me. Jamaica was wonderful, but Toronto in October is my favorite – I just wished I hadn’t missed all of the colourful leaves while away, but alas – I found some autumn light, and while the weather outside is [yet to be] frightful – I thought I would share this post first. The mixing of-the-ever-evolving-patterns – well this is the busiest yet neutral outfit I think I have ever posted – sort of an oxymoron if you will. I love it because, like I said, the surroundings just enhanced the colour and the over all feel. This could be my own personal favorite.

In any case, I had someone ask – I do indeed live right in the heart of the city of Toronto – but I venture up north every weekend to spend time with my family and friends. My posts are 99.2% of the time shot up north because I firmly believe photography is almost, if not more, important than the actual style of a fashion blogger like myself. I try to match my surroundings to my outfit [not the other way around] so when I get dressed, I have to rack my brain on where to shoot that would complement my outfit. [ me trying to explain blogger logic … fail! ]

In other news, bloggers seem to be going through a bit of a rut all over the place. I can’t tell you how many blogs I have followed who have disappeared or vanished – thankfully Christina of Profresh Style has written an open forum summing up her feelings towards her own blog and how she is planning to whip herself back into being Profresh! If you are a blogger you should read it – it is so important to remind yourself to keep grounded and not be swayed by brands and influencers, and to also seek refuge in the blogging community, lets all be friends and bitch to one another.