Did I ever tell you that I have been the same height since the eighth grade? – seriously. Actually once upon-a-time I was considered tall [a mere 5″zip]. I was always the girl beaming brightly in school class photos – standing in the back, in the middle – and like a pyramid those around me cascaded downwards … until high school … when everyone else started to grow, and I had reached 5″zip. I had to adjust to things, my big personality from a pint-sized [egotistical] miner-niner allowed me to be a social queen in school – it also meant that I had a bagillion items of clothing once I reached grade twelve – because even then – I was 5″zip.

I still wear the same clothes from grade nine from time-to-time, but these days I much prefer things with a different colour of history – I have been stealing my mom’s clothes – a lot lately. In fact – she began to physically notice. No longer were things borrowed, I may of [accidentally…intentionally] stolen something from her. Oops. See the gold link bracelet above? yah? I got an email this week “Dear Daughter, next time you want to steal a solid piece of gold from my jewelry collection, be so kind as to tell me before I see it on instagram”. Again. Oops.

In all fairness, two items in the above outfit are mine. Kind of.

I should point out though, that a) I am wearing jeans [kill me now! if you read my blog – you’d know I loathe them] and b) they were my mothers classic skinny zip Levis … that she wore … after her pregnancy with me. [HI MOM!]

HAT: Vintage Brown Velvet | My Late Uncles | Stetson
Coral Rain Jacket | Old Navy | circa 1999
Kelly Green | Silk One Button Blazer Blouse | Thrifted from my Mum’s closet | Labeless
SHIRT: Tribal Silk Blouse | Gifted from Quicksilver
Levis Classic Zip Skinny | circa 1980’s | Thrifted from my Mum’s closet
Brown Folded Peep Toe Booties | Nine West
Vintage | Thrifted | Stolen – Oops … sorry mom.