I seem to be living a lot of my days on the fly. It isn’t a bad thing, for I am a pretty impulsive person in general – but these days I have been booking flights on a whim and my recent flight purchase will allow me to be in a certain state for exactly 12 hours. During the night. I am fortunate enough to work in an environment where the guys I work with understand and support my blog. If something comes up – an opportunity or an event – my boss always understands, and for that – I am grateful. I feel it is important to always give thanks – especially in this whirl-wind I call my life.

The girls and I over at Bloggers Night Out have some amazing news coming your way, so please stay tuned for that. We have been working long man hours trying to prepare all sorts of things for you. So definitely stay tuned for that!

This outfit is possibly one of my favorites. It is 100% vintage / thrifted … well from the ankles up anyway. The mink muff was my Grandmothers, the cashmere cream sweater was from my favorite little vintage shoppe [that has since closed], the shirt – this is a funny story – my friend Dee had a shirt with this exact pattern, she thrifted it somewhere and I wanted it so badly I wished for it before I went into a Value Village one Saturday – and although it is slightly different, this shirt fed my craving! I was so excited I was beaming to everyone [who thought I was crazy], that my chances of finding this shirt were so slim! The sequin razor back dress worn as a skirt, is actually, a dress. This is one of my most prized possessions in my vintage collection. It also happens to be my only favorite piece not once owned by my Gran. I got this dress for a helluva deal at a rummage sale  – I took it in to get it appraised,  I definitely got a deal haha. I will show the entire dress in a post in the future I am sure.

MUFF: Vintage Mink Muff 
 Navy Blue Nautical Polk-Dot Button Down
 Vintage Cream Cashmere | Holt Renfrew
 Sequined Razor Back Dress worn as a Skirt
Nude Patent Leather | Miu Miu