My last post of twenty eleven. Wow what a year it has been. Definitely a whirlwind and a blessing all in one, for I have had nothing but amazing opportunities given to me, and only strive for more come twenty twelve. I have had the words love more worry less on my mind for the past five or six months, I keep this saying as my background on my iphone as a constant reminder not to sweat the small things and to enjoy the little things that others seem to whisp by. Take a moment and breath in, and out – for you are so special, so spectacular and alive. Be sure to be grateful for just that. Goodbye twenty eleven, you were spectacular. Sending love to you and yours truly.

HAT:  Vintage Mink Muff Hat
 H&M Gold Bib
 Burnt Orange | Mendicino 
BELT: Vintage Animal Zoo
 Wilfred Dark Khaki | Aritzia 
 Jeffrey Campbell Clogs