I am in shock of how fast twenty eleven blew me by. When I think about it, this past year was such a huge part of the foundation that is, and will be, my career. I have chosen the path I want – and am perusing it – guns’-a-blazin. If I could offer you one piece of advise, is to tell someone who you admire your dreams – and they will, hopefully, help you make them come true. Twenty twelve is only just begun, and already I can feel the heat from the kitchen!! I am part of an amazing team and we are throwing a major conference here in Toronto surrounding digital media – it is inaugural but also has a ton of buzz and press about it already, it is something new for Canada – and something that will explode with the amount of dedication and love we have put into it. I cannot wait! Come February New York Fashion week will take over, and the Bloggers Night Out team is in full swing of planning several events across several states for the twenty twelve season. Last year this time I imagined what twenty eleven would look like, like Geneva from a pair & a spare, I too make a different type of resolutions list, more like wishes, hopes and dreams – and all but three last year came true. I highly encourage you to do so, I never would of if a friend of my own didn’t encourage me to do the same, and it is simply mind blowing what you achieve.

HAT: Thrifted from my Mum 
 MAC Cosmetics | Rebel
 Thrifted from my Gran circa 1960’s
 Kelly Green F21
American Apparel PVC
Thifted Leather Oxfords {a steal!!}