HOLLA! So, – like always, so much has happened with my life since my last post! Let’s see – one of my best friends in the entire universe asked me to be her maid of honor, the Bloggers Night Out team has been so hard at work planning NYFW for Feb, as well as for Charleston and Miami, my apartment got robbed [insert long dramatic sob story here], and finally, just finally, the last nine months of my life are finally coming full circle as the event [I work in events for a living] that we have been planning, is to happen next week!! BAH!! so much excitement …

I mentioned to my mum [whilst sobbing] on the phone, that twenty twelve is going to be a year of learning for me – I can just FEEL it, nothing ever comes easy for me, but fuck it [yah you read that], I would rather things not go easy, and I have the chance to learn, grow and get through it – in return for the amazing opportunities, friendships, family, blog and work success. It is a fair trade in my opinion because these are the most important things to me.

I hope twenty twelve is a year of learning for you too, [although I subtract the disadvantages that come with it, I wouldn’t wish the crap I go through onto you lol] – I hope you push yourself and grow, meet new people and ask for things you never dreamed of receiving.

Beyond that and getting back to, er … me… this outfit may look a tad familiar … [hello post below lol] – that’s because it’s the same shirt … just in a different colour. I am obsessed with mustard right now, it is a problem. The tweet skirt was a thrifted A-line haggard knee length that I copped into a mini … and of course, 90% of the jewels here are stolen from my mum [thanks mum!]

LIPSTICK:  MAC Cosmetics | Half N Falf
One Stop Shoppe in Yorkville  
 Mustard F21
Thrifted Tweed Mini
Emmanuelle Pucci Mary Jane’s [the heels are slaughtered from the cobble stones in NYC … sigh]