This is my “omg it’s spring” face. lol. I am so happy the warm weather is here – and although the weather man keeps saying it may be temporary, this Canadian girl is happy with anything that doesn’t resemble white falling flakes from the embarking sky.

This coming weekend marks my twenty fifth birthday, and I plan to do what I always do on the weekends – relax, see my man friend, friends, eat delicious food, spend time with family and drink lots of wine. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? gah … so excited.

This outfit took me awhile to find – more specifically the pants did anyway. You know when you think of something fantastic but the item you want is nowhere to be found (but in your imagination!) – whelp! I had been on the hunt for light mint pants for awhile, and one random Saturday I stumbled upon these half cotton pair! I was in a state of euphoria when I picked them up, they are insanely soft, and the perfect colour for my skin tone.

This top is one of the best finds I have found in awhile – it’s a vintage silk blouse, worn backwards – from my favorite vintage shop in Toronto. I suppose there is no real rhyme or reason I didn’t put the back detail on here [which is pretty], silly me – but I love re-working clothing that doesn’t fit me properly by turning it backwards, upside down, you name it – the shirt is just one of the many things I have re-worked on my blog.

SHIRT: Cream Silk Button Down // 69 Vintage
Braided Rope // Thrifted from my Mum
PANTS: Cotton Mint // Joe’s Jeans
SHOES: Nude Pointe Pumps // Zara

song title : blue jeans // lana del ray