I clearly took to much allergy medication today.

hello!! today is thirsty thursday (actually it’s wednesday, but I am not hitting the “publish” button until tomorrow, so really – when YOU are reading this, it is thursday, unless you have super powers aka time travel abilities and today is yesterday).

GOD – what-did-i-take? my allergies have been so incredibly unbearably bad. does that happen to you? around your birthday? you try and eat right, work out, cleanse your face – (brush your teeth) .. daily – to make sure you look somewhat presentable for an evening and things go well, you know – you feel and look great … until you wake up with snot everywhere and you sneezing 100 times a day with people asking you if you have the cold, or worse – the plague.

I don’t have the plague – and if I did, I wouldn’t give it to you – it would be vintage – and I like vintage, so I’d keep it to myself.  (seriously though – what am I on?)

in OTHER news, if you’re not my immediate family (hi mom!) or my friend in real life, I recently celebrated my twenty-fifth birthday! woo! it was glorious, fun and full of laughter, all of what a twenty-fifth should be. I shopped, ate, drank and sipped tea. I am a grown up now, I sip tea.

This dress, lets chat about this dress – you know those stories your mum tells you from her past, she nonchalantly gives up information from her past regarding something she did or did not do properly lol, apparently this dress, her man friends lovvvved – lol – I can see why now – this dress moves so swiftly, and is extremely flirty – not to mention made of 100% cotton .. aka the most comfortable thing ever.

thanks mom! my man friend hates it – but it’s not gonna stop me, because I dress for me.

DRESS: Thrifted from my mum | 1980’s
Giuseppe Zanotti | Pony Hair
Vintage Gold Wrap Buckle Belt  | Vintage Gold Chain | Marc by Marc Jacobs Double Wrap | Ivory Gold Ring

yes. as previously posted – all of my blog titles are lyrics from songs – so now I am going to inspire you. ready? purchase first aid kit // the lions roar.