Ready? OH.MY.GOD this coat! I know … I know – but wait, it’s thrifted – $14.00 – flat. CAN YOU believe it? no? neither can I. I had quite possibly one of the best thrifting trips this weekend.

If you follow me on instagram you may of caught a glimpse into my reality on Saturday at about 1:22PM when my eyes met this jacket. I literally jumped-up-and-down in Value Village (yes, one of my many coveted places to shop second hand). I am pretty sure I scared the other shoppers, so much so – that people fled aisle’s as I approached … naturally this allows for more finds, and less interaction – so it worked out perfectly for me.

Seven minutes in and had fifteen blouses in my basket on the second aisle … ALL of which I knew I couldn’t part with … but by the time I was “done” I knew I had to call in reinforcements … aka my mum. I rang, she answered, she sighed and said “of course, I’ll be over in ten minutes”. TEN HOURS LATER the patrons of said thrift shop were outraged that I was taking more than 6 items per change room … I tried to tell them I could take ALL of the change rooms … but it seemed not to make a difference … swapping out six at a time is NOT efficient people – especially when I have to place my basket strategically under the door so I can keep an eye on high-school treasure hunters that follow me around the store … YAH! I saw you high schoolers, who took my left overs. [not bitter – no … none].

In any case – thrifted, vintage … tomato … wait – if I write tomato again .. do you say them both the same or differently? .. tomato, tomato … this analogy sucked.

skipping over my insanity [took two allergy pills today … can’t you tell? … shit!] this thrifted find is, now, one-of-a-kind – but NOT unattainable – I’m not a professional – … if you haven’t thrifted, please try it – I encourage you – it is a ton of fun [although you have to be in a mood to hunt], and you can walk away with 100’s of finds! I walked away with seven silk blouses, two sweaters, a coat and a antique silver teapot that my mum 100% restored back to perfection, all for $130. Talk about a deal.

P.s This is one of two posts this week … stay tuned for Thursday!!

COAT: Thrifted | La Della Spiga

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