I found this skirt a few months ago at one of my most coveted vintage shops in Toronto – 69 Vintage. My girl Kealan owns the hot spot, and 90% of the things I buy from there are directly from her personal wardrobe – I am almost certain she no longer takes it personally when I walk away with her treasures lol, after all – she insists – this skirt however, was hanging waiting for me upon my arrival. It was days before Toronto fashion week and  this girl had not a thing to wear (ain’t that always the way though?). $40 – 1970’s – an ace.

The top, well – this was from my most recent Value Village take over – (read last post) – $5.99. I had never thought of green being electric – but apparently that shade of green does exist – for I now own an electric green button up.

Head on over to my eFriend Jentine’s blog My Edit – her last post is all about how to distinguish what to look for when thrifting – my goal is for her and I to one day smash ideas together to create a Thrift Bible. Thoughts?

BLOUSE: Thrifted
SKIRT: Vintage

 blog title is from the song Up Up Up by Givers