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It is safe to say I had one helluvah time in Mexico. The man friend and I needed a serious vacation away together, and we chose the sunny side of the world this time. Usually our trips surround the sights and sounds of busy streets and tall buildings, art, science and dinosaur bone-style museums, walking miles upon end and eating as the locals do – but this time we needed something totally different … we needed to disconnect. I needed to disconnect.

In any case, here in Canadaland, Mexico seems to have a stipulation – or rather, a (horribly wrong) preconceived notion about it’s country. Granted, crime is everywhere, and bad things happen to good people – but if you travel smart – you will be fine! Seriously.

My man friend and I stayed in the Mayan Riveria, it was picturesque with the food almost as delicious as the scenery. The grounds were perfect and lush, the sixteen pools were cool and calming, the drinks tasted like gummy bears and the sea, – well it was crystal clear.

As all things come to an end, I was happy to get back home to see Rudiger (squish face). I had no idea my heart could hurt so much and miss something so ridiculous! Upon my arrival it was great to spend time with family and friends, hit up one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to, be gifted thrifted and vintage treasures my mum found for me, and finish off with a little weekend DIY-ing.

I am pleased to say this coming long weekend will be filled with casual affairs. A better-late-than-never engagement party for one of my best friends, BBQ’s, fire pits, sparklers, DIY’s, garage sales, blog shoots, thrift shopping, casual reading and siestas! Sounds too good already, and it’s only Thursday!

happy [almost] Canada day!!

 loving The Greenhornes, a guy at work has me hooked!