I think the country song goes “no shirt, no shoes, no problem …“, but ask any blogger and I can guarantee you that, that mantra is not true. Well, not unless you are a country male blogger. So I am changing it to “no bra, no socks, no problem …” because HOT DANG! is it hot outside. Of course, mother nature favorites her American’s – Canada day was blissful here in Canadaland (psst* our holiday is the first of July), and as of today, July fourth, well fifth when you’re reading this – mother nature as continued to be in menopause. God bless you sista, my tan has never looked so golden.

In any case, I actually was a bit pissy taking this post, can you tell by my monotone face? urg, I am not kidding you when I say it was literally 100 degrees when I took these here photo’s (37 degrees celsius!!!).  I was sweating, debating on driving somewhere fun for this sparatic shoot – but alas, after climbing up to the rooftop to find stupid teenage shirtless boys smoking dope, I decided my floral pants and I could find a different party to crash.

So I stumbled back into my apartment, sludged my camera bag and tripod (oh, I take my own photo’s by-the-way, a few readers have asked, HI!), interupted my pup Rudiger from what I assume to be a blissful nap, and set up on my massively inappropriate balcony.

Shazam. this is what you get. dewy floral pants, no bra and a sock bun, that according to the men I work with, looks like the hiroshima bomb.

SHIRT: Men’s Classic | The Gap
PANTS: Floral | Thrifted from my Gran
SHOES: Floral Bud | Nine West donated from Lisa
NECKLACE: Crystal Collar | 1960’s Vintage
SUNGLASSES: Nasty Gal | Eyewear

 the greenhornes | saying goodbye – great song!!