What can I say? Just when you thought this post was going so well – it was pretty and tame – until I had to go and post a ridiculous face. Pffft. Whateves. I do this for me.
Speaking of me, you know – because really, when it comes down to it, this blog is all about me – I was tickled to hear from Vince Camuto’s PR team the day before I left for Miami informing me that they wanted to send me a pair of Crocodile Mary-Jane’s. Which are divine by the way. Some of these photo’s will be used in efforts of a special project in the works – so look out for that – but until then, here you go.

This is going to seem awful, but I have yet to go through any of my photo’s from Miami … I know, worst. blogger. ever. I hang my head in shame (not really -), but in efforts to restore your faith in humanity, the cause has been a great one – the Bloggers Night Out team is prepping for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC which can only mean brilliant things. Not only is it our one year anniversary of BNO, we also have a few brilliant (brilliant and beyond actually) surprises up our sleeves, because from our first event til the last in Miami (seven events by the way this year), they have gotten better and better, and this one we are planning – well – it should be nothing short of exceptional.

Can’t wait to rock these shoes in Manhattan.

SHIRT: Wilfred | Aritzia
SKIRT: Grey Crinoline | F21
SHOES: Royal Crock Mary-Jane’s | Vince Camuto
ARM: Belt | 1980’s Vintage | Elephant Tusk Ring | Vintage

 HAIM | forever